Behavorial, obediance, and agility

Training Programs

Helping you with issues ranging from jumping and basic obedience to anxiety and aggression.


Training tailored to your schedule and needs

Dog-GO Group Classes

per level for 4 classes

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Level I – addresses jumping, play-biting, sit, stay, down, and heel.

Level II – recall, distance OB, and distractions

Level III- public OB, off leash heeling. Each level consists of four lessons

One on One

per private session

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One on One sessions held at our location.

Price varies depending on which trainer we will need to send due to the specific issues we will need to address.

home visit

per private session

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One on One sessions held at your home. Price varies on location and which trainer we will need to send due to the specific issues we will need to address.

An additional $0.80 per mile will be charged for distances of 20 miles from our location.


Our most popular behavioral programs


17 day program + 2 sessions

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17 day board and train program designed to create a solid foundation of obedience. Includes a one-on-one training session at pick-up and follow-up session after your dog has settled back at home.

The program can be customized to focus on specific training concerns which may include crate training, basic obedience, manners, and socialization.

Man’s Best Friend

25 day program + 3 months of follow-ups

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25 day board and train program that is designed to modify unwanted behavior. Man’s Best Friend can focus on anything ranging from basic to severe behavioral issues.

The program includes three months of follow-ups in order to help you maintain the training once your dog has settled back into the home.


1 night of boarding + training session

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While your dog is boarding at our facility you can add focused obedience training time to address specific issues from pulling and jumping to fear anxiety and aggression.

Agility training
Agility Classes

per class

The group introductory agility class is designed to help build confidence and to strengthen the relationship between dog and handler. It is great for mental stimulation and physical exercise. No experience is required. The class is 60 minutes long, with a minimum of 3 participants. Private Agility is available upon request.

Playground Membership

per month

Playground memberships are $29 per month and all memberships begin on the 1st of the month. Membership is an exclusive plan that gives self-guided access to the playground 7 days a week.

VIDEO Sessions

Continued support wherever life takes you

After conducting an initial evaluation we offer this service to all clients out of state and local. We are able to continue follow-ups on a video basis. A high speed internet connection is needed for best results.


per half hour

Dog with owner on computer

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