Max's Story

This is hard to write and keep brief as Pepe has worked with my family and various dogs for almost 20 years.Most of our dogs have been rescues and hand-me-downs and came with issues. Pepe has been the one that has given us the key to understanding and living safely and happily with our dogs. He even came to my house and rescued me from a foster dog that went berserk and wanted very badly to kill me. That's not an exaggeration, that is just the simple truth. The foster farm wouldn't help and in total desperation I called Pepe and he and one of his trainers showed up in an hour to remove the dog and keep it until the foster farm could be persuaded to come and take it back. I told Pepe then I was done with dogs. Forever. Period. A few weeks later I got a call from Pepe. And very long story short, I have another rescue dog. Everything I said I'd never have. Young, huge, and full of energy. But Pepe knew Max was special. Max had spent almost 2 months with Pepe when the woman who had taken him from the shelter in Georgia had COVID. And then decided Max was just too much for her to handle. We said it was a foster for just two weeks to see how things worked out. But we all knew I fell in love with Max at first sight. It's been 8 months and Max is just what I needed to brighten up my days. Pepe is amazing. Max had no training when he went to Pepe and when I got him, even though he still had (and has) a lot of puppy energy, he wants to please and with Pepe Dog training (for both of us) Max is amazingly attentive and well behaved when he needs to be and an exuberant pup that makes me laugh everyday when that's appropriate. He has been traveling with me, staying in hotels and friend's homes and every single person who has met him has fallen in love with him. At 72, Max is just what I thought I didn't need. But Pepe knows people as well as dogs and Max and I are very grateful that he does.
Rose Wershow
Max's Mom

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Rose Wershow
Max's Mom
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