Odin's Story

Pepedogs attention to my Great Dane while in their care, quite literally, saved his life. Odin is 3 and a half and has gone for training and boarding at Pepedogs since he was around 6 months old. They techs were very astute at seeing a change in not only his physical status, but his personality as well. On a weekend! The owner was notified and a vet called in to assess him. And, then, because Odin is 170 pound of European Great Dane and not easy to transport, the owner (Pepe) drove Odin to UF emergency vet in his own car. Pepe gave his personal card for deposit until I could get back to town and take care of things. Pepe and his wife (and their on call vet) spent a very long time on the phone with me. I was completely distraught while waiting for UF to find the problem. Had they ignored his symptoms, or waited, he would have most likely died. I am forever grateful to all the staff at Pepedogs. #furfamily
Marla Berry
Odin's Mom

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