Dottie's Story

To recap, I am working full-time out of the home, as is my husband. This started 3 weeks ago. The dogs are alone, without supervision around 8 hours per day, on average. Dottie has handled this transition like a rock-star. She started out spending the days in a recliner by the front windows in the living room, so she could watch out the window. She has now progressed to laying on the floor, across the room on the couch, or even on the floor behind the recliner (she loves that spot when we are home. No carpet, so I assume cooler for her). Not watching out the window. She is relaxed, not panting, and sleeps for good intervals.She is also 2 weeks into stepping down her Clomipromine, and we have not seen any adverse reactions, yet. After tomorrow, we hit next step of every 3rd day, instead of every other. But so far, so good.I can't thank you all enough, as I feel your hard work, and dedication to her training are what got us here. I have attached a couple of pictures for you. She also went swimming 3 weeks ago for the first time, and was a natural!
Kim Long
Dottie's Mom

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