Cowboy's Story

As 1st time puppy parents, Pepdogs not only taught us how to relate to our new puppy, but they also related to us and specifically geared our pup’s training toward our lifestyle. Our trainer, Katrina, took the time to ask specific questions about how our dog would be integrated into our daily life while she simultaneously observed and noted our pup’s behaviors/ personality in an incredibly relaxed way. She then came up with an individualized plan for obedience training that included training our pup to be a good canine citizen in our work setting, since our pup would be at work with us most days. As a companion dog, we needed special instructions on how to best serve our dog’s temperament without letting her needs supercede our routine. Katrina reminded us to be diligent, persistent, and dedicated to the training techniques but also have fun along the way. Bonus: the rest of the crew at Pepdogs from the front desk to back of the house reinforced the training AND the fun so much so that our pup believes Pepedogs to be her second home. We couldn’t be more grateful to Pepdogs for their influence on growing our pup up to be a good canine citizen and for them as a second family who cares about our dog as much as we do!
Cowboy's Owner

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