• Five week course; Group Lessons


  • office visit- $69 house call $99

25 Day Stay$1900

  • 25 day stay; Daily training; We teach; You maintain; 3-months free follow-ups

Head Start$595

  • 2 week stay; Daily training; start your dog off on the right foot


  • office visit $89, house call $135

Day Camp$42

  • over night stay, includes Obedience

DOG-GO classes (group course) – We have recently redesigned our group classes to fit our clients busy lifestyles. Classes will now run in the same way most martial arts studios run courses. We will be offering weekly times for each level I, II, III, Anyone can join anytime, and clients do not have to attend consecutively, after clients complete 5 classes they will graduate to next level after a short evaluation of progress.

  • Level I “Basic” This is an entry-level course focusing on socialization, basic obedience such as Heel, Sit, Stay and Down all with everyday distractions as well as discussion of common behavioral issues.
  • Level II “Long Leash” This level develops skills chaining commands in-order to extend the obedience to a 15 foot leash focusing on the “recall” and other skills to begin to work off leash.
  • Level III “Off Leash” This course is the last level of group obedience Pepedogs offers. We focus on simulating off leash work training with “Light lines” for safety and we strive to obtain maximum distance control using verbal commands and hand signals.

One on One / House calls – A customized program conducted at your home or at our facility. It is designed to meet the needs of you and your pet. Programs can include, but are not limited to: house breaking, basic obedience, advanced off-leash work, confidence building, socialization, as well as behavior modification.

25-Day Man’s Best Friend program – This is Pepedogs most tailored program due to its concentrated nature. This is a 20-25 day program that can focus on anything ranging from basic puppy issues to severe behavioral issues. This program includes limited “Free- Follow-up” and phone support. A customized program conducted at J & K Canine Academy (High Springs) designed to meet your needs in order to allow your pet to become an intricate part of your family’s life.

Specialty Training – This includes personal protection (with low liability), search and rescue work, article searching, tracking, cat socialization, and aggression modification. This type of training can be done as private or in-house. Please call for pricing.